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Identify performance gaps and increase revenue opportunities at all points of sale, in all retail channels with advanced Computer Vision based product offerings from Trax.

The Trax Advantage

Advanced Computer Vision

We've combined the power of Computer Vision and Deep Learning to build deep recognition networks with market-leading accuracy.

Store Digitization

Our advanced geometric techniques extract spatial information from every shelf image, and our algorithms calculate store conditions data down to the last SKU.

Data Discovery & Visualization

We collect everything so that you can dive in anywhere and explore and enrich data the way you want. Visualize the data with engaging dashboards for those lightbulb moments.

What we do

Whether you are a manufacturer looking to optimize your in-store execution or to better understand your competitive landscape, or a retailer looking to improve operational efficiency and shopping experience, we have the right product for you.

In-Store Execution

Trax Retail Execution is an in-store execution product that helps consumer goods companies win at the shelf with a comprehensive real-time view of store and field performance across all retail channels.


  • Automated field data collection powered by image recognition
  • Sales rep and store KPI scorecards
  • In-flight mobile analytics and role-based online dashboards
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Market Measurement

Shelf Pulse is a syndicated data offering by Trax and Nielsen for CPGs to understand in-store shelving conditions and compliance with visual proof of store activation.


  • Single platform for shelf conditions and sales across categories
  • SaaS-based BI for information on demand
  • Intuitive data visualization, supplemented by store-level images
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Shelf Strategy

Trax and Nielsen offer an integrated solution called Shelf Intelligence Suite for CPG Companies to continuously measure, optimize and activate your store strategy.


  • Powered by Trax Computer Vision platform and Nielsen's Retail Measurement Services
  • Shelf Pulse, a syndicated data offering that delivers an ongoing digitzed measurement of shelf conditions
  • Shelf Blueprint, a predictive analytics and planning service to build the perfect shelf strategy
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Data Science

Trax offers unique data science products that predict and recommend growth drivers for consumer goods companies by fusing shelf conditions and EPOS data.


  • Unique data science algorithms for large-scale correlation and pattern analysis
  • Prescriptive research solutions bespoke to specific business needs
  • Common currency for retailers and CPGs to see the impact of shelf behaviour on sales
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Store management

Trax Retail Watch is a store management offering that helps retailers elevate shopping experience and boost staff productivity with optimal product availability and merchandizing compliance.


  • Automated real-time store monitoring
  • Alert management system for store associates and managers
  • Comprehensive reporting on store operations best practices
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Trax Retail IoT Suite delivers real-time Internet of Things solutions that helps CPG manufacturers and retailers capture shelf data with no human intervention, minimize out of stocks and maximize growth.


  • Internet-enabled Smart Cooler to monitor stock levels, price, temperature and more
  • Connected Shelf via shelf-mounted cameras and autonomous robots for maximum coverage
  • Alert and task management for immediate corrective actions
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The Ultimate Shelf Analytics Suite

Get a single source of truth to develop your perfect shelf principles.

  1. Measure & Execute
  2. Monitor & Control
  3. Analyse & Implement
  4. Predict & Recommend

Know everything...


  • Distribution
  • Out of stock
  • Share of shelf


  • Product location
  • Shelf standards
  • Competitor mapping


  • Planogram compliance
  • Realogram
  • Heat map


  • POSM
  • Secondary displays
  • New products
  • Seasonal campaigns


  • Price compliance
  • Competitor prices
  • Promotional prices

Custom KPIs and more

..across all channels

  • Traditional
  • Immediate Consumption
  • On-premises
  • Modern
  • Vending
  • Drugstore

If you are doing photo recognition today, you want to do more of it. If you are not doing it, plan on doing it soon. It is a standard for how we want to think about things. Competition, other CPG companies, are at our heels right now with technology like Trax. We’ve got to stay ahead of them! 3 - 5% growth, these numbers are way too compelling to let this one go by!

Coca-Cola, VP Commercial Leadership

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